Pearl of the Seas – Children’s Book 2016

‘The Pearl of the Seas’ – written by Prof. Ruth Finnegan OBE

Illustrated by Rachel Backshall

A tale of two children building a boat from a log they find buried in the sand and sailing off to far-off fantastic lands in a stormy sea-driven adventure with their faithful – but accident-prone – dog Holly. There they learn much wisdom from a king who, like God, has many names. After an incredible sacrifice, they learn instead that the most important things are sometimes right in front of you. The tale is a prequel and companion to Ruth Finnegan’s award-winning epic romance ‘Black inked pearl’.

The Pearl of the Seas has recently received a Book Excellence Award in the Friendship Category 2017, a Silver Award by Hungry Monster Book Awards, and a Runner Up prize for the Shelf Unbound 2016 Best Indie Book!