Events and Exhibitions



Book Release! – ”Toodle Oo Ruby Blue” June 2017

Written by Denny Taylor                  Illustrated by Rachel Backshall

Watercolour paints, white acrylic and black ink.




Adam and Eve DDB International Women’s Day Exhibition 2017

Rachel Backshall    –    ‘Gold on Black – Women in Archaeology’    –     Medium: Ink on Silk

‘Gold on Black’ is inspired by the work of some of the most prominent women of the 20th century in the field of archaeology.

The piece is made up of four archaeological site plans layered on top of each other. Each site has been chosen due to its particular relevance to the career of the women listed below. The bright colours and bold shapes that are created as a result of this process are intended to celebrate International Women’s Day, whilst the use of ink on silk maintains a link to the attributed femininity of textiles within our culture. This painting is designed to be a bold statement of women’s success throughout the past 100 years, and the initial ambiguity of the design is intended to prompt research into the lives of these women, and to inspire a new generation to be ‘Bold for Change’.



Coach-house Christmas Craft Fair 2016

Organised the Coach-house Christmas Craft Fair for local artists and makers to share their talents with locals and visitors. We had a stands featuring graphic design, pet products, book binding and baubles, not to mention soaps, ceramics, wreathes and silk paintings.

Makers: Charlotte Rimmer, Becky Hayes, Rachel Backshall, Rowan Lea-Hayes, Emma Rose.


Wongs Winter Ball 2016

Donated the painting ‘Unto Acharn Falls’ for the Wongs Christmas Charity Auction to raise money for Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.



Waterfront Gallery

‘The Windmill’, ‘Knossos and Tylissos’ – painting and scarf, ‘Zakros, Gournia and Palaikastro’ – painting and scarf, ‘Phaistos, Agia Triada and Kommos’ – painting and scarf



Sefton Open

The Lighthouse’


British Academy

The Windmill’, ‘The Lighthouse’, ‘Little Pink River’, ‘Little Yellow River’, ‘The Black Inked Pearl’



Somerville College Art Exhibition – Women in the Arts

‘Interactive Ceramic Squeezes – spot the Woman!’



University College Arts Week Annual Exhibition

‘The Windmill’ and ‘a selection of ceramic twists’. ‘The Windmill‘ was Awarded a Highly Acclaimed by Tommy Watkins and Lucy Phillips.


Winstanley Art Foundation

Annual Exhibition

Installation,‘The Persian Wars’; clay, brick, soil, moss, glazed ceramic twists, smoke fired ceramic stacks.



Eastbank Street Gallery

Southport Gallery Exhibition

Installation, ‘The Car Door’.



The Liverpool Academy of Arts

Come Together Beatles Exhibition

‘Tangerine Trees and Marmalade Skies’